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First of all, thanks for checking out our special offer. When you've finished reading this, you'll understand why we couldn't put most of this info in our original ad, because Facebook would absolutely shut us down if they saw what we had to share with you.

Not only have we set up a private forum for discussing firearms and collecting, we're offering you a commission-free marketplace. In this marketplace, you can buy and sell (legally) between fellow enthusiasts. Most importantly, you'll avoid paying 10% (or more) in auction fees to online selling platforms.

These details, and more, are on the next page.

Why Are We Doing This?

For almost six years, our members have been the backbone behind one of the most informative "gun groups" on Facebook. We've helped thousands of folks begin quality vintage firearm collections, avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous sellers, and we've helped countless members realize higher selling prices when they sell off parts of their collections.

We've done all of this despite Facebook's prohibition against the lawful activity of privately buying and selling guns in the jurisdictions where private sales are permitted.
(All transactions on our platform must also comply with applicable local and federal laws.)

Despite doing our level best to comply with their policies, Facebook has actually shut our group down on multiple occasions. It has only been through carefully navigating their appeals process, and a couple of "insider connections," that we've been able to restore our group's resources, but...

The Handwriting Is On the Wall...

In the spring of 2019, we realized that the next time we were shut down, the odds of a successful third appeal were somewhere between "slim," and "none."

We've built up such a resource, it would be an absolutely devastating loss to the collecting community if all that information and rare photographs were lost forever.

That's why we formed the Vintage Collectors Association!

Americans are Tired of Silicon Valley Censorship of Our First AND Second Amendment Rights!

Now, we know Facebook is free, and there are tons of folks willing to give out advice, but you have to remember the phrase, "you get what you pay for..."

If you're interested in building a gun collection rooted in quality, not quantity, then you'll really appreciate the mentoring and the education which comes with membership in the VCA.

Membership in our association also comes with some great perks, like a private forum without any "Silicon Valley censorship."

We're a CMP affiliated "club," and membership qualifies you for future CMP rifle and surplus pistol releases.

Membership is affordable, less than a cup of take-out coffee each month and when you subscribe, we'll send you our club t-shirt absolutely FREE! (We'll even pay the postage!)

Just want a cool new t-shirt? That's great too! Order one in your size, and we'll still throw in a FREE 6 month trial membership to the Vintage Collectors Association!
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